"God respects me when I work but he loves me when I sing!"

(Neil Young)


Sharon Azarya (born in Israel) is a singer songwriter with a unique voice that caresses your ears and soul and gets under your skin.


From her early age of 12 she was a soloist in a classical professional choir and when she got 19 she started her independent journey with her songs and music at the "Rimon School of jazz and contemporary music".

At the age of 22 Sharon began to perform with her music and went on a long inspiring trip, traveling and living for 3 years in N.Y, Greece and India.


Her debut album "Now is the time", released in 2003 and was constantly played on the radio stations all over Israel.


Sharon's second album "My Home" was released in 2008 and placed her as a unique, interesting and independent singer song writer.


Her third album "Blue bird" was recorded in Sharon's recording studio (in the village where she lives and teaches voice lessons).

"Blue bird" is a folk, acoustic intimate album with songs in Hebrew English and one gypsy Greek song.

Sharon's fourth album is about to be released in 2015



Sharon's music is played in the Israeli radio stations in Israel and she is


constantly performing all over Israel in festivals, bars and privet shows accompanying herself with her acoustic guitar or bass guitar (or with a band)

and she is a part of a cabaret group "CAFÉ TAV".

 spreading the message and activist for

Peace Love and Harmony.